5 Useful WhatsApp Tips & Tricks you definitely need to know

Friends, Nowadays WhatsApp will get you to look inside almost every smartphone. In all of the messaging platforms, WhatsApp is the only platform that is the most popular and with which the most users are connected because WhatsApp comes with a very simple user interface, so if any new user joins WhatsApp, Does not need to do much to understand the Whatsapp interface.

5 Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2019
5 Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2019 you need to know

But if you have been using WhatsApp Messenger for a long time, then we hope you will be known every form of WhatsApp. You will know about every advance setting that is almost WhatsApp. But still we are going to tell you about some of the useful Advanced tricks of WhatsApp that you probably will not know about.

You may already know about some of these tricks but Definitely you will not know about all the tricks. So in this article we are going to tell you some useful Advance WhatsApp Tips & Tricks, By using these kinds of tricks you can be a Advance WhatsApp User.

1st. How to Send HD Photos from WhatsApp without compressing The Quality?

Friends, whenever you send someone to a photo or image on WhatsApp. So that image or photo does not reach the person in the quality of which is in Actual. The quality of photos goes much less and compresses. So is there any way by which we send any photo or image to anyone when they get it in the same quality as its actual quality.

That is, if you send someone a photo in HD quality, then they should get it in HD quality only. If you do not know this way, then let us tell you in a way that you can send pictures of HD quality to anyone with WhatsApp.

5 Useful WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
How to How to Send HD Photos from WhatsApp without compressing the Quality?

For this, You have to go first in the contact of WhatsApp that you want to send that image or photo. Now you have to select the icon containing Documents after clicking on the attachment icon below. As you can see in image-1.

After clicking on the icon of Documents, you come inside your phone’s File Directory. Now select the location of that image or photo and send it to anyone you want to send. As you can see in image-2.

In this way, if you send any image or photo to anyone, then it reaches to the others WhatsApp in original quality, its quality does not matter a bit.

2nd. How to Save Status’s Photos/Videos without taking Screen shots?

Friends, Since this has been a feature of Media Sharing Status in WhatsApp, Since then we get to see our friends, relatives, and many other photos or videos inside the WhatsApp status feature, which they share as their WhatsApp status.

But if you want to save any of those photos or videos in your mobile, then we do not get this feature in WhatsApp, we can only see those photos, can not save in own mobile. Or you can take Screenshot only.

To take a Screenshot, you have to keep both the Volume Down Button + Power Button Press for a while. You can also take the Screenshot by pressing Power Button + Home key Button both together for a while. But with Screenshot you can only capture images, not any video.

Now after doing so many things about the screenshot, the question will be arising in your mind whether there is any such way that we can save any photo or video of any status without taking a screenshot.

Yes friends, We are going to tell you a Unique way that you can save any photos or videos shared in WhatsApp status features in your mobile without taking Screenshots and whenever you want that photos or videos You can also see.

How to Download Whatsapp Status Photo or Video?
How to Save Status’s Photos/Videos without taking Screen shots?

For doing this, You have to first go inside your mobile file manager. Here you have to enable the “Show Hidden Files” option after going inside the file manager settings. After enabling this, Just Go back and select Internal Storage.

Now after going inside the folder containing WhatsApp, Click on the folder containing Media and open the folder with Statuses at the bottom. Now inside this folder you will find all the photos and videos that you just watched in WhatsApp Status.

From now on, You can keep any photo & video you want to copy and move inside any other folder. You can see in image-3, 4 and 5.

3rd. How to Send WhatsApp Message to Anyone without Saving Number in Mobile?

Friends, it must have happened to you with a lot of times that you have to send some information or some images / photos on WhatsApp to someone whose contact number is not added to your mobile phone.

Whenever such situations occur, first of all you add the mobile number of that person in your mobile. And after adding that number in your mobile, You can send it to whatever you want to send on WhatsApp.

But how good it is whenever there are situations in front of you, you do not need to save that mobile number in your phone. You can send whatever you want on WhatsApp without adding any number. Is not that great idea? Let us tell you how can you play this game with WhatsApp?

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
WhatsApp Web address for sending message without saving nunber in mobile

For this you have to enter a web address in your mobile browser which is: – https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=

After putting this Web address into your mobile browser, you have to add the mobile number with the country code at the end of this address, to which you want to do WhatsApp. For example, if you want to send a WhatsApp message to this number 1234567890, then you have to enter this web address in your mobile browser like this: – https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=911234567890

In more Easy way You can write this address something like: wa.me/1234567890

Keep in mind that you must add your country code before the mobile number as if the country code of India is 91. You can see in image-6. You need to add 91 before any mobile number to properly use this web address.

After entering this address and mobile number correctly, When you open this WhatsApp Web Link, then with that number you will have a Chat Window Open of your WhatsApp. Now you can send anything on WhatsApp on the number you want. You will not need to add that mobile number to your phone. 

If you feel a bit reluctant to remember or type this web address, then you can choose another way for this.

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
How to send WhatsApp message from WhatsDirect app?

Yes, you can install an application for it in your mobile. Whose name is WhatsDirect. After this application is installed, when you open this app, you just have to enter the mobile number that you want to send WhatsApp and click on the Send option.

Now a similar number of Chat Window will open in front of you. Now you can send any WhatsApp message to that number from here too.

4th. How to Fix Mobile internal storage Low Problem from WhatsApp?

Friends, if your mobile’s internal storage is continuously decreasing, you are seeing this message again and again that “Your Phone Memory is Low” may be the biggest reason is WhatsApp installed in your mobile.

Because whenever someone send a photo, video or any audio message to you on WhatsApp, or you send photos, video or any audio message to someone in this way, then both of these situations will add all the data to your mobile’s internal storage lives.

If you use a lot of WhatsApp usage, this may be the main reason that your phone’s internal storage is full. Let us tell you how can you fix this problem through WhatsApp?

How to fix low internal storage problem using WhatsApp?
Useful Whatsapp tips and tricks in 2019

What you have to do for this first click on “Data and storage usage” after entering your WhatsApp settings. After clicking on the option that storage usage, a list of WhatsApp comes out in front of you, where you can see how much of your phone is being used with the help of WhatsApp.

Here you can click on any of the WhatsApp Contact that you think is using too much, after clicking on it, all the details of the WhatsApp contact come out in front of you.

  • How many WhatsApp messages have you done with that contact?
  • How many photos have you sent to him or her?
  • How many videos,
  • How many Documents,
  • How many audio messages,
  • How often have you and she shared the location with each other? e.t.c.

You can see in image-7, 8 and 9. You can see all these things with the storage you use. In the same window, you get an option of Management Messages at the bottom, you have to click on it.

Now you can delete photos, videos, documents, and text messages from here and delete it according to your choice. This way you can fix your Mobile phone low internal storage problem.

5th. How to Record Audio Message continuously without holding the Mic icon?

Friends, Whenever you record audio to send audio messages to someone on WhatsApp, you have to keep pressing the mic icon continuously. If you leave the mic icon in the middle, then whatever message is recorded, go away. But if you ever have to record some long audio message, then there is little trouble in continuously suppressing the mic icon.

How to record audio continuously in WhatsApp?
How to record long audio messages in Whatsapp?

But friends, we are going to tell you a way through which you can record an unlimited audio recording message without continuously pressing the Mic icon. For this, you have to follow the same procedure as you do. You have to keep the recording mic icon and keep it pressed for 2 or 3 seconds, then you will start to see a Lock icon just above the mic icon. 

Now you have to do to swipe your finger or thumb upwards and leave it to that lock and leave it. You will now see that your audio message continuously will start to be recorded. You can record the audio message as long as you can and then send it. You can see in image-10.

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