6 Best Video Editing Apps for Android & IOS Users in 2019

Friends, if you are a Video Creator and you keep Creates Videos for YouTube or you only edit your personal videos but you do not have your computer. You just edit the videos from your mobile & you are looking for a good video editing application for your mobile by which you can edit any video in a professional way.

Best Video Editing Apps for Youtubers
Best Video Editing Apps

So in today’s article we are going to talk about 6 such Best video editing apps, with the help of which you can edit your videos to give a professional look.

Best 6 Video Editing Applications for Android & IOS Mobile users in 2018

In today’s article, we are going to cover following video editing applications:

  1. Kinemaster Video Editor App
  2. Vlogit Video Editor App
  3. Movavi Video Editor App
  4. Vizmato Video Editor App
  5. YouCut Video Editor App
  6. Quik Video Editor App

Let’s learn each of these video editing application features in details: –

KineMaster Video Editor:

Coming to 1st number in the list of Best Video Editing Apps, That is KineMaster Video Editing App. This application is used most to edit YouTube videos. In this application, you will find all the features that are necessary for video advancement software for an advanced level, to edit the video.

Through this you can Frame by Frame and Trim any Video Clip. This is a great video editing application to adjust timing of audio clips. In KineMaster Video Editing App, you can view Instant Preview while editing any video. The Multi Audio Tracks Adder feature makes this application even more advanced.

Unlimited Text, image, handwriting and sticker layers, as well as two video layers features are also an important part of this video editing app. You can adjust the color in the video by Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. With the help of the Video Speed ​​Feature, you can insert High and Slow Motion effects into videos.

If you want to edit your video in order to change the background, inside this application you get a Chroma Key feature to remove the background from your video. With features of Voice Recording and Voice Changer, you can control the audio of your video.

Vlogit Video Editor:

The second video editing application that comes in this series is called Vlogit video Editor App. This is the absolutely free Video Editing App. You can install it in your mobile from the Play Store for free.

You may have seen in a lot of video editing software or applications that when you export a video after editing it, the output of Video starts showing in Watermark.

But the most important thing about this application is that it does not get any watermark to see you in it. Within Vlogit video editor, we get a lot of advanced video editing features like this that almost do not get us in any other Free Video Editing application.

Within this application you can add multiple video clips together. Can trim them, make joint, can cut. If you see  any professional video, transactions are a very important part in it.

Inside this application, you get to see very good transition effects to add in video clips. With the help of  you can present your video even better for your viewers.

Along with this, you get a lot of filters inside it, using which you can give your video a great cinematic look. In this you also get features like Slow Motion and Fast Motion for your videos.

Along with this, you can also use the Voice Over feature within this application. And most importantly, with the help of this application, you can create a great Unique Video Intro too.

In this, you also get the option to apply a lot of text effects, which plays a much more important role in creating a great video intro. Vlogit video editor is a great video editing application for your mobile. In it, you get all the features that are very important to any video editing. You must use this application  in your mobile for video editing.

Movavi Video Editor:

The third video editing application in this list of Best video editing apps is the Movavi Video Editor App. It is also quite powerful Video Editing Application. This video editing application is available for both Android and IOS. You can also edit large video clips through this application. You can also export the edited videos in HD quality.

If you want to cut a part of your video, you can easily remove any part of your video. Features such as Brightness and Contrast also make a lot of sense to give a good look to any video.

With this application, you can adjust your videos for both Brightness and Contrast. You can add good transactions to your videos. Slow and high speed of the video can be done in this application. You can add audio separately in your video.

This is a good and powerful video editing app. You can also install it from Play Store in your mobile for free. The only negative point in its free version is that when you export your video completely after editing, its output comes with a water mark.

If you want to delete this watermark, you will have to upgrade the free version to the Paid version. Along with it, you get great good themes, which you can add to any of your videos. In particular, the most attention in this video editing app is within the effects.

Vizmato Video Editor:

If the 4th video editing application is mentioned within this list then its name is VIZMATO Video Editing App. This is a fairly different kind of video editing application.

Within this application, we get some kind of different effects that we do not see in any other video editing application. Such as Zoom Effects, Inside Lens, Mirror etc. After adding these kind of effects, any video seems to be quite cool and attractive.

In this application you can play your video in reverse mode. you can Add text effects & A lot of Audio Effects are also available for you to add it to your video. If you want to use good enough effects inside your video then Definitely you should use this video editing application.

YouCut Video Editor:

The 5th Video Editing App is YouCut Video Editor App. This is a fairly simple and user friendly application, It also gets you to use very good features. In this Video Editing application, You can trim any part of the video even while editing.

If you want to create a video for Instagram and YouTube, then you can crop the video accordingly. In addition to this, users get enough use of the filters. You can also easily do color correction in it.

In this application, you also get an inbuilt video library. And the best thing about this application is that you can edit 4K videos with very easily. According to the video editing, it is a basic video editing app, but after editing the video within this application, no watermark is available in the output of this application while exporting.

Quik Video Editor:

The final and 6th video editing app in the list of Best video editing apps is QUIK Video Editor. This is a very popular Video Editing App. If you do not have any knowledge about video editing and you want to edit the video, Then this Video Editor App can be very helpful for you.

In this application you do not have to do much more. Only you have to add your video inside it, After that it automatically adds different types of Thames in the video. You can use very good filters for your videos. You can also see previews while applying Filters.

If you want to customize your video according to your own, then you can also do it with this application. You can put enough good filters on your own, flip and trim you can do your video.

If you want to highlight any part of your video then you can do that within this application too. There is quite a good video editing application. for using this app, you don’t have to do much more and your video gets edited very well.

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