How Google Map Work? How Google Map Show Real Time Traffic? Full Explained

Friends, if you are a smart phone user or you access Internet on your computer, then you must have used Google Map. Whenever you get help from Google Map to go somewhere, you may have noticed that we see different colorful lines inside Google Map, after all what all lines mean, With the help of Google Map how we see live traffic today. We found the following colors lines in Google Map:

How Google Map Shows Real Time Traffic
  1. Blue Line
  2. Grey Line
  3. Red Line
  4. Orange Line

If you don’t know all these lines, you don’t know how Google covers traffic data? How does Google know about the number of vehicles on which road are running? How do we know by Google Map how much traffic is there or not ? In today’s article we are going to explain How Google Map Works? How Google Map Shows Real Time Traffic?

So first of all we talk about the lines of different types of colors, what is the meaning of these different colors lines?

How Google Map Works?

What indicates Blue Line in Google Map?

Whenever you search any Direction to go from one place to another in Google Maps, that time you see two types of lines in Google Maps: first is Blue Line and the second is Gray Line.

Here the Blue Line means that this way is very clear to go to your destination and this is the fastest route for you, that means if you go through this way you will reach your destination at the earliest. You will not have to face any kind of traffic problem.

What indicates Grey Line in Google Map?

Often there are more than one way available to go to some place that means if you want, you can reach that place, from any of available routes. in these situations whenever you search for that place in Google Maps So you see Gray Line along with the Blue Line.

Here’s what does mean the blue color line? you have understood as above. A line with gray color means that if you do not want to go through the line of Blue Color or you think that there may be more traffic on that way, you can also choose the way of gray color.

This is an Alternate Route for you to show by Google Map which you can easily reach your destination. Although the route of grey Color line can take little more extra time than blue Lines.

What indicates Red Line in Google Map?

If you have chosen the option of Traffic while searching for Direction to go from one location to another, then in these situations, between the Blue Color line you also see the red color line somewhere, which means that There are a lot of vehicles going on in that part of the road.

Due to which there is a situation of traffic jam there. That is, the way on which you are going, the lines on which the lines of small red color have remained, reflect the traffic.

What indicates Orange Line in Google Map?

As the red color line shows the traffic jam on any part of your route. Similarly, the line with Orange Color also shows the traffic jam. But the difference between the two is that the red line on which the place is, there is a lot of heavy jam. The same where you see a line with Orange Color, you can get some medium jam there.

So let’s talk about how Google Maps does the Traffic Data cover?

  • Does this data Google Map take from Satellite?
  • Or does Google Map get all this data from the traffic organization?
  • Does Google Map get all this data from government?
  • Or do you and we give all this data to Google Map?

Google has received such kind of information from you and from us. Where is a lot of jam & where is less jam? All this information is received by Google from you and us only.

How Google Map Live Traffic Works? in Details:

Google gets all this data from our smartphone itself. Whenever you take a new smartphone or whenever you open Google Maps for the first time on your smartphone or on any of Google’s Location Services, you see the an options of “Agree to terms and agreements” and we always agree to that “Terms and Agreements” without considering anything.

At the same time, a pop-up comes in front of you, which means that “Google can monitor your location” means that Google can access your current location. And we all make him OK.

Where are you now?
Where are you going?
Where have you gone?
Google can access all this information about you.

Now that you first opened Google Maps or you have set up your smartphone for the first time, you have already agreed to agree to all of Google’s “Terms and Conditions”. Now if you go from one place to another place through Google Maps, whether or not you have opened Google Maps.

But if you have a smartphone, then Google has complete information about your current location. Google knows where you are going, and how much speed are you moving to a particular direction?

Now you can think of yourself that you don’t know how many more people will be present with Google Maps or with your smartphone in that direction. In such a situation Google keeps getting the information about the current location of all those people from their smartphone. So in this way Google knows how fast speed & how many vehicle is moving with their present location.

In such a situation, after collecting the data of many users by Google, He shows an estimate result by finding the average that how many vehicles in that particular location and at towards which direction is it moving?

how Google map works? What is Role of Crowd Sourcing in Google Map?
Crowd Sourcing

Now the place where vehicles are running with slow speed, there is a red line from Google. And if the vehicles are moving towards any direction with a slight speed, then there is a line with Orange color shown by Google.

if the vehicles are moving towards any direction with their normal speed, then a blue line appears on Google Map. So after collecting users’ data, the help of users is called Crowdsourcing.

That is, Google Maps shows Live Traffic only with the help of Crowd sourcing. Now it is not that Google only knows about your location by GPS or Smartphone, in which direction of your location is detected by your cell phone tower too, If you are using Wi-FI then in which direction you are going your location keeps going to Google.

So you must have understood now that we all help Google to show Live Traffic to Google Maps i.e. Google takes the help of “Crowdsourcing” to show live traffic.

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