How to Create a Blog on Blogger in 2019? Step by Step Full Guide

How to Create a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot?Friends, as we explained to you in the last article in detailing, What is the difference between Blogger & WordPress? What are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging platform of Blogger and blogging platform of WordPress? What platforms of blogging should you start for your Blogging Carrier?

How to Create a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot
How to Make a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot

If you are also planning to make your blogging carrier in the Internet world, then in the last article we had told that Google’s (Blogger) platform is the best platform for your initial blogging carrier because blogger (Blogspot) platform is so easy That a person who has basic knowledge of computer can understand it very quickly.

Although WordPress is the most advanced level platform for creating any blog or website without any programming, but to create a blog or website on WordPress, you have to start spending money for Domain Name and Web Hosting at the beginning.

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If you work hard, you can create a Good Looking and Professional blog on Blogger like WordPress. And when you start to understand blogging well over time, then after some time if you want you can Shift on WordPress. Because in Blogger you get an option of transferring from Blogger to your entire content on WordPress.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you How to Create a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot?

Important Things before creating new blog on

If you want to create new blog on Blogger, you must have some things before creating a blog:

  • You must have an email ID to create a Blogger Website, it must also have a Gmail ID; You can not create an account on Blogger with any other email ID such as, etc.
  • If you want to create a professional blog then it is also very important to take a domain name like,, etc. Well, you get this option in the Blogger that you can add your domain name even after your blog has been completed.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger? Step by Step full Guide

How to Create a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot

STEP-1: For this, first of all you have to visit or you can search on Google and you have to click on the link that comes first. As you can see in image-1.

How to Start a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot,com
This is the Home Page Layout of or

STEP-2: Clicking on this, a page like this comes on screen, as you can see in image-2. Here you have to click on CREATE YOUR BLOG.

STEP-3: As you can see in image-3. After clicking Create New Blog, you have to sign in with your Gmail email ID. You can not create a blog without Gmail ID. If you do not have any Gmail ID then you must first create a Gmail ID. Only then you can follow all the upcoming steps.

How do i create a free blog on
How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot?

STEP-4: After signing in with your Gmail ID, something like this comes out to you as you can see in image-4. Here you have to click on Continue to Blogger.

How do i make a free blog on blogger?

STEP-5: After clicking on Continue to Blogger, a page from Blogger opens in front of you as you can see in image-5. Here you have to click on CREATE NEW BLOG.

STEP-6: After clicking on CREATE NEW BLOG, you get a pop-up like image-6 coming out. Here you have to write whatever name you want to give to your blog in front of the title. As I have named BKN Tech for my blog.

How to create a Blog on Blogger?

Next to the address below, you have to enter the URL of your blog’s address. You just need to enter the starting name of the address as I have bkntech1 written and after that, automatically adds to the default. That’s the web address of your blog.

If you want to remove this subdomain in Blogger, you will have to purchase a domain name. I also have a blog on Blogger that is if I talk about the subdomain of my blog, it is But I have purchased the domain name for it.

So whenever anyone opens, then it redirects to And anyway, any website with a proper domain name looks completely professional.

If you are serious about blogging, then I suggest that you should take the domain name first and then you should create a blog. Because what happens quite often is that what name you want to get a domain name is not available.

So let’s move on to the next step. After entering ADDRESS, you have to select the design for your blog from the theme’s options. You get some default templates right here in Blogger, for now you have to choose any of the same templates that you can change later if you want to change it. After choosing the design you have to click on Create blog below.

STEP-7: image-8: Once you click on Create blog, you come across your blog’s complete Dashboard. Inside this Dashboard you can see different tools to control your blog in the Left Side.

how to make a professional blog on blogger

You can see the articles you write in the center here. As you can see, yet we have not posted any articles here, so here we are seeing “There are no posts. Create a new post”. To write any new article, you have to click on top button New Post.

STEP-8: After clicking on New Post, you get a formatted page like this where you can write any of your articles. On the top you have to write the heading of that article and after the heading you have to start typing your article below.

How do you start a free blog and make money?

After you write your entire article, you have to click on the Publish button at the top right in the right side. Clicking on Publish makes your first article post.

I hope, Now you came to know that “How to Create a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot?” if you still have any Question, You can ask by comment section below. We will try to give your reply ASAP.

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