How to Create a Website on WordPress: The Ultimate WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2019

A Ultimate Step by Step full Guide to create a Website/Blog on WordPress. Do you want to make a beautiful Website of your own? Have you even thought one website or blog should be of Mine? But how to create a new website? Can I make my own website myself?

For making a website the knowledge of coding is very important but I don’t know any kind of coding at all. Then how can i make my website myself? Some such kind of questions to get not answered right, and you could not do anything yet.

How to Create a Website on WordPress for Beginners 2019
How to Create a Website on WordPress for Beginners 2019

But there is no need to worry now, you’ve come on the right place because in today’s article, we are going to explain step by step how can you create a website on WordPress?

This is not just a small article. In a way it is a complete guide for those people who don’t know anything about the web development. Who don’t know how to start a website on WordPress? It’s a complete WordPress Guide from starting to end, how to Create a website on WordPress Step by Step full Guide?

By the way, there are many Website Builders available on the Internet to create any blog or website but here why we chose the wordPress? Because the wordPress is the most used web development platform in the world.

What is the Best Website Building Platforms
Best Website Building Platforms

WordPress is the most easy and user-friendly website Building Platform that provides you with a full power and dynemic website. About 52% Websites are only on WordPress on the internet. Vs

If we talk about the WordPress, it has two different platforms. The first is and the second is The main difference between these two is only hosting. Means that you do not need to take web hosting to make a website on, while if you want to make your website on, then you have to buy web hosting.

Below are some points which we are going to work on this full website Building guide from the beginning to till the end:

  1. How to get or Register for free Domain Name?
  2. How to choose best Web Hosting Plan to create a WordPress website?
  3. How to Install WordPress in New Web Hosting?
  4. How to Install Theme/Template in WordPress Website?
  5. How to create new pages in WordPress?
  6. How to customize the WordPress website?
  7. Most Important Plugins for any WordPress Website

Let’s understand now step by step Details how to create a website on WordPress?

What do I need to Create a website on WordPress?

To create a website on WordPress, you need the following things:

  1. DOMAIN NAME: This is the address of your website. With the help of people reach to your website. for Example:
  2. Web Hosting: Where your website full data store on the Internet.
  3. A fine internet connection.
  4. Your complete 1 hour with no disturbance.

If you have all 4 things which is given above, then you can Create a Website/Blog on WordPress within an hour. Well I know that if you are reading this WordPress Guide to create a Website on WordPress, then you will not be have two things, Domain Name and Web Hosting but you do not need to worry at all.

In this complete Guide we will guide you step by step how to buy domain name and web hosting? Let’s explain it in detail. Just follow all steps according to this guide.

Choose Domain Name for your Website:

What is Domain Name? How many Types of Domain?
image credits:

If you are thinking to create a website on WordPress, first you have to choose the domain name for your website. Domain Name is an identity of your website on the Internet. It means the name of the website is called Domain Name.

If we explain the domain name in a very simple word, The domain name is a address for any site that your Visitor reaches your website after typing in the browser. As you can reach us by because it is a Domain Name of our Website. Just the same thing you also have to choose a domain name for your website.

Must Read: What is Domain Name? Explained in Details

Well, it’s also a thinkable task that how to choose a right domain name for my Website. For a website, a right Domain name also plays a key role for his success. There are few tips below to choose a right domain name. With the help of you can choose the right domain name for your website.

  1. Simple and Short: Choose a domain name which looks simple & short because the domain name is as small as it is easy to remember. No need to choose a name that the spelling is not easy to remember.
  2. Relevant to Content: A Domain Name should be relevant of your Website Content. All information available on your website should be around of Domain Name.
  3. Domain Name Like a Keyword: Try to take a domain name like keyword. Domain names should be also like a keyword because domain name as a keyword is very helpful in the ranking of any website. For example, and etc.

How to get Domain Name? Where to get the Domain?

A lot of the website on the internet to register a domain name, such as Bluehost, Godaddy, A2Hosting, HostGator, MilesWeb, SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting and resellerClub etc. You can register your DOMAIN name by any company from them. Some of these companies are such as which is offer free Domain NAME with web hosting, such as Bluehost, and MilesWeb. Means if you buy web hosting, you will get a free Domain Name for one year with hosting.

Click here to get a free Domain Name:

  1. Register a free domain name with hosting on milesweb
  2. Register A Free Domain Name with hosting on BluHost

Well if you want, you can buy domain name and web hosting from different-different companies, but if you buy Domain or Hosting from different-different companies, then you have to do a little extra work as you have to add your Web Hosting Name Server Details into the DNS of your domain name registrar that is sometimes takes 24 hours for updation.

You will also have to spend more extra money for DOMAIN NAME and Web Hosting. At the same time, if you take domain name and web hosting from the same company, then the setup will not have any problem at all and you will not even give extra money for the domain name. It is good that if you buy domain name and web hosting from the same company.

If I talk about the company of Bluehost and Milesweb on my personal level then MilesWeb is the most influential company according to their services and pricing plans. Because it is quite good hosting plans than the Bluehost offering its customers. Its plans are quite cheap than Bluehost and in every plan, you also get the support of SSD. SSD is a new kind of disk, which is 10x faster than a normal disc.

MilesWeb VS Bluehost VS Hostgator VS Godaddy VS Bigrock
Web Hosting Plans Comparison List

The rest of the companies who offer free domain with web hosting is valid for only 1 year. You have to give money to the renew after 1 year, which takes more than 500 renewal charges but in MilesWeb Hosting you get free DOMAIN NAME that comes free for Life time that means your domain will also be free until your web hosting is in active mode. This will not have to give any renewal charge.

With all the plans of Milesweb’s Web Hosting, you’ll get the SSL certificate of let’s encrypt also in free, even rest of the companies will give SSL certificate free But it has to make manually process to renew SSL certificate after every 3 months, while if MilesWeb is concerned, it renew SSL certificate automatically after every three months. You not need to do anything for renewing.

You can choose the servers of US, UK and India, according to your targeted audience. You get 30 days of money back guarantee here that means if you are not satisfied with their service then you will get your full money back.

We also recommend you to host your new WordPress Blog with MilesWeb hosting. You can pay payments by Credit card, Debit card, Wallets & Net Banking for buying Free Domain Name with Web Hosting.

  1. Click here to buy Web Hosting from MilesWeb
  2. Click here to buy Web Hosting from BlueHost

How to Buy Web Hosting?

If you are going to by hosting from the MilesWeb company, after clicking on the link above, you will reach some such landing pages as you can see in image-1. Here just click on Register Now.

How to Create a Website on WoredPress Mobile Friendly?
This is Home Page of MilesWeb

This will bring you to a pricing page as you can see in Image-2. where you will need to choose a pricing plan for your website. Here you see 3 kind of pricing plans to get:

  1. Economy
  2. Value
  3. Unlimited
How to create a website on WordPress?
MilesWeb Web Hosting Plans 2019

Here you have to choose a plan according to your need. But it’s Economy Plan will not offer a free Domain Name, if you take any of its Value and Unlimited Plan, then you will get a Free Domain Name for Lifetime.

You can also select the plan from Web Hosting, Reseller and WordPress above as per your requirement. You’ll need to click on Buy Now, whatever plan you want to take & continue to the next step.

After this you come to some kind of information page where you have to choose Billing Cycle like image-3, how long do you want to get hosting? You can get hosting for at least one month and more for up to 3 years?

How to Create WordPress Website Step by Step Guide
Here Choose billing Cycle for MilesWeb Hosting

As I mentioned earlier, with this web hosting you get a Domain Name free of cost. Therefore, after entering the name of the Free Domain Name you want to register under CHOOSE A DOMAIN, click on Check. Any domain name you wish to register depends on whether any other person has not registered that domain before you.

How to Create WordPress Website on localhost?
Here Search Domain Name for Your WordPress Website

If someone else has registered that domain before you, then you can not take that domain name. After entering the domain name here you will have to check again n again that the domain you want to take is available or not . If that domain has not been registered before, then it will be written that

Congratulations! Your domain is available! Click to add to cart and enter your billing information.

NOTE: If there is some money displaying with the Domain Name here, do not worry, these money will not be added at the time of payment because Domain Name is absolutely free with the Hosting Plans of MilesWeb.

Now after scrolling down a little bit of the page, enter your Billing Information here such as your name, email, mobile number and your Proper Address.

How to Create a Website on WordPress 2019
Here Fill your details to buy MilesWeb Hosting

image-6: After filling all these information in the right way, just come downwards and

  1. Put any Coupon Code if you have?
  2. Click on VALIDATE CODE
  3. Select PayUmoney
  4. Mark the Terms of Services
  5. click on Place my Order to Continue
How to Create WordPress Ecommerce Site in Hindi?

Now you will reach the payment page as you can see in image-7. Here you have to fill the details by which you want to pay, such as credit card, debit card, net banking or Wallet. After entering the payment details correctly click on Pay Now to continue.

How to Create a Website on WordPress for Beginners Guide 2019
Here Make Payment to buy MilesWeb Hosting

If you pay by your debit or credit card, then an OTP comes from the bank on your registered mobile No. After entering the OTP here, click on Submit.

How to Create a beautiful Blog on WordPress 2019

After payment process is complete, you get redirected to MilesWeb’s login page image-9. Here just entering your email ID and password, click Login to continue.

How to create a blog on WordPress 2019
This is login Page for MilesWeb Hosting

As you logged in, you come to MilesWeb’s Product Dashboard. When you login immediately after making the payment, In the corner of Products/Services and Domains where 1-1 is written, if you found 0-0 written here then there is no need to take a tension. All the steps are followed in the right way.

How to create a travel blog on WordPress
This is Admin Dashboard of MilesWeb Hosting

0-0 is in place of 1-1 because this process takes some time. After payment, you get 5-6 mails from MilesWeb. Which consists of 2 Mails Subject, “Domain Registration Confirmation” and “Web Hosting Activated”.

How to Create a Website on WordPress 2019
Mails received from MilesWeb

Both of these mails may take some time to receive, so you have to wait a bit. In the mail with “Web Hosting Activated” contains information such as Username and Password of cPanel. After getting both Mails, you have to install WordPress in your Web Hosting in Next Steps.

How to Create a Website on WordPress 2019 step by step full Guide
Mails received from MilesWeb

How to install WordPress in MilesWeb Hosting?

After purchasing Web Hosting from MilesWeb according to the above steps now you have to install WordPress as per below steps.

After receiving confirmation on the email of DOMAIN NAME and Web Hosting, just login again in MilesWeb & click on Products/Services. Now you have come on your MilesWeb admin dashboard as you can see in image-13. Click here on the arrow> symbol and scroll down the page & click on Login to cPanel.

How to make Website Without Coding on WordPress
MIlesWeb Admin Hosting Dashboard

Now you are logged in Automatically in cPanel of your Web Hosting. If there are not automatically login, then type the cPanel username and password received in the mail. Whether you can also login in CPanel without login in MilesWeb. Just write the/cPanel after your domain name. For example:

How to set up a WordPress blog site
Choose WordPress in cPanel

Now type WordPress on the top search box or Scroll down to bottom & click on WordPress in SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER.

Now something like this interface comes to you as seeing in image-15 Here click on Install Now.

How to set up a new WordPress Blog
Install WordPress in MilesWeb Hosting

Now here you have to fill some informations related to your blog or website.

Software Setup:

  1. WordPress Version: Choose which WordPress version you want to install. I will suggest that you install the latest version so let it be default.
  2. Choose Protocol: Choose the protocol for your blog means what way your blog should be open like with www., Without www., with http:// or https://. Remember you must have SSL Certificate if you choose https:// protocol.
  3. Choose Domain: Select the domain that you want to install WordPress with.
  4. In Directory: If you want to install website/blog only on your domain name, then do not write anything here.
How to Create a Website on WordPress 2019?
How to install WordPress in MilesWeb Hosting

Site Setting:

  1. Site Name: Write the name of your blog here.
  2. Site Description: Enter the tag line of your blog here. Meaning that there are three four lines related to what your blog is about.
  3. Enable Multisite: If you want to create more than one blog in the future within the same WordPress, then you can enable this option.
How to Create a Website on WordPress 2019?

Admin Account Setting:

  1. Admin Username: To access your blog, enter the username you want to keep here.
  2. Admin Password: To log in on the block, type the password you want to put in here.
  3. Admin Email: Add a Business E-Mail Address for Your Blog, which keeps all the information related to your blog

Choose Language:
Select Language: Let it be English also.

how to set up my blog on

Plugins Setting:

  1. Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): This is a WordPress Security Plugin for your blog’s strong security, can you enable it?
  2. Classic Editor: Let it be like this now. If you wish, you can install this plugin at any time to your needs.
  3. Also let it remain the same. You can install this plugin later on.

Advanced Options Setting:

  1. Database Name: Let it remain the same as it is.
  2. Tabel Prefix: Let it remain the same.
  3. Disable Update Notifications Emails: Do not select this as it is so that you keep getting updates about your blog via email.
  4. Auto Upgrade: Do not let allow auto upgrade. Let it be default.
  5. Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins: Plugins should always manually upgrade, so do not select it.
How can I create a blog in WordPress?

6. Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes: WordPress theme is always right to upgrade manually, so don’t select it too.

7. Email Installation details to: Enter your email id here so that important information about this WordPress installation can be found on your email such as when you install WordPress, information about admin Username and Admin Password etc. Because next you will need Admin Username and Admin Password.

8. Now check all above entries filled once again and click on Install to continue.

Once you click on Install, WordPress will start installing in your hosting. This process can take some time to complete, so take a little bit of fun and enjoy. Once WordPress installation is complete, there will be some such information on your computer screen as you can see in the image- And this information will also be sent to your email.

Congratulations! You have created your first Website/Blog on WordPress

How do I set up a blog on my WordPress website?
This is after installing WordPress page in MilesWeb Hosting

image-21: You can see the initial interface of your blog by clicking on the 1st link. However, after creating any WordPress Blog, there is a default Home Page of any Blog, which we can customize according to our own which we will learn further.

How to start a blog on WordPress?
This is default Home Page of WordPress Website

image-22: You will be redirected to your blog’s WordPress Dashboard by clicking on 2nd link. By the way, for logging to your WordPress Dashboard every time you have to just type /wp-admin after your blog address. For example,
Here replace with the name of your blog & press enter.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress 2019
This is WordPress admin Login Page

As you press Enter, you go to some kind of WordPress page like this that you can see in the image-22 To login to your WordPress Site, type Admin Username / Password and click on Log in to continue.

After logging in, you come to the dashboard of your WordPress Blog as you can see in image- So far you have learned how to install WordPress after buying the Domain Name and Web Hosting.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on
This is WordPress Admin Dashboard after logging in

Now it comes to the fact that WordPress has been installed and connected with Domain Name but now if we look at our blog then it looks very simple, with nothing inside it. So in the upcoming steps we will learn about following topics:

  1. How to change WordPress Themes?
  2. How to Customize WordPress Theme?
  3. How to Add Menu in WordPress Blog?
  4. How to add posts and pages in WordPress?

Let’s first understand how to change themes in WordPress?

How to install or Changes Theme in WordPress?

For changing the WordPress theme: image-24

How to Create a WordPress Website in Easy Steps
How to install new Theme in WordPress Blog/Website?
  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard,
  2. Click Appearance in the left side bar
  3. Now click on Add New


Here more than 4 thousand+ Free WordPress Themes available, which is available inside the directory of Here you can search theme by using Filters like Featured, Popular, Latest and Favorites. If you want to use any of’s Free WordPress Themes for your blog, then move the mouse over the theme and click on install.

image-25: If you have already a theme, then click on Upload Theme and select the theme from your computer and install it.

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

image-26: After installing the theme, it must be activate to use it on your blog, so click on activate just after installing the theme.

How do I create a professional website on WordPress

When you install any theme first time on WordPress, to make that theme fully functioning on your blog, there are some inbuilt plugins inside the theme or some other supportive things like saying that you have to activate, It is necessary. As you activate the theme, just click on ‘Being installing plugin’. As you can see in the image-27

How to Create a Blog on WordPress?
  • Click on install.
  • Click on Return to Required Plugins Installer
  • Click on Activate.
How to Develop a Blog Website

After completing all the above steps and once the theme is fully activated, Now it turns to be Customize this WordPress Theme.

How to Customize WordPress Theme?

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
2. Click on Appearance >> Customize

How to create a Blog Website using WordPress

Now there are lots of options related to the theme installed. In Left Side and in the right side your blog’s live preview is displayed. From here you can customize your blog completely with the Live Preview. It is not necessary that you have to do all the settings of your blog right now.

First try to put some content on your blog, if there will be no information on your blog means do not have articles, you will not be able to customize your blog accordingly as it should be.

If you look any website or blog, you can see a lot of information on it, then it looks good to see it. So try first to prepare 8 to 10 articles for your blog, after that, your blog will look good with just a few customization.

Now it comes how to put content on WordPress Blog? It is very important to know if you have created a blog. Follow this carefully to know all the steps given below.

How to Add Content on WordPress Blog?

There are two categories to put Content on WordPress:

  • 1st Posts
  • 2nd Pages

Post: When you read any article on any blog that’s called Posts As you are reading this article.
Pages: About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, etc. This kind of all included in category of pages. Let’s first understand how to make pages on blogs?

How to Add Pages on WordPress Blog?

  1. First go to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Now click on Pages >> Add New
  3. Enter the title here such as About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc.
  4. Write here in details about the about us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc.
  5. If you want to see a preview of what is written here, then you can see by clicking Preview
  6. Now after filling the all details carefully click on Publish
Hhow to add Pages in WordPress

How to Add Posts on WordPress Blog?

Follow these steps to Create Posts on Blog:

  1. First go to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Now click on Posts >> Add New
  3. Write here the title of the article that you want to write
  4. Now start writing articles.
  5. Add Category for any article you write.
  6. Here add Tags related to the article.
  7. Apply a featured Image for your article.
  8. Check the preview of your post.
  9. After all the details are completed correctly click on Publish
How to write blog posts in WordPress

By the way WordPress shows all the posts of your blog on the home page as default, but if you want you can set any page of your blog on the Home Page.

Follow these steps for how to do this:

  • First go to the WordPress Dashboard
  • Now click on Settings >> Reading
  • Select A Static Page
  • Now select Page for Home Page
  • Click on Save Changes
How to setup WordPress

How to Change Site Title or Tagline?

Even at the time of installing WordPress, you also get the option to choose what Title, Tagline and Admin Email your blog should have? You can also enter these details at the time of installation. But what happens quite often if you want to change your blog’s title, tagline and admin email later, in the following ways:

How to set up a Blog Account

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
2. Now click on Settings >> General
3. Change the blog’s title if you want to change it here.
4. Write a tagline for your blog here. You can also keep Blank if you want.
5. Change Email Address

How to Create Navigation Menus in WordPress?

How to Add Menu in WordPress

The Navigation Menus has a great role for any blog or website. Through Navigation Menus, Viewers can easily read the content available on your blog. To categorize the available content of a blog, it is very important to add Menus in Blog. In WordPress you can easily create Menu for your blog and website.

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
2. Now click Appearance >> Menus
3. Write the name of Menu like Main Menu, Top Menu
4. Click on Create Menu

How do I Create a Menu and Submenu in WordPress?

After creating the menu, now you have to add pages in it, so remember you must create some articles and pages for your blog before creating the menu.

Follow these steps for adding Pages in the menu:

  1. Click on Appearance >> Menus
  2. Select the pages you want to add
  3. Now click Add to Menu
How to Make a Website on WordPress

After doing all these steps, whatever pages you have added to the menu are added in such a way as you can see in the below image-37.

How to Create a Website on WordPress

Now select the position where do you want this menu to appear on your blog Menu Settings? Such as Topbar, Header and Footer Then click on Save Menu.

What is Plugins in WordPress:

Just as there are applications in Smartphones, Same way there are plugins in WordPress. We keep installing apps according to our requirements in our Smartphone as well as doing the same plugins in WordPress.

Plugins help customize your blog in a smart way. Plugins are very helpful in SEO Optimizing your WordPress blog, providing security and making your blog work much like Speed-up.

With Plugins you can add features like Contact Forms, Photos Gallery to your WordPress blog. There are more than 50000 plugins available on WordPress to make your blog awesome, some of which are Free Plugins and some third-party PaidPlugins too.

It’s very important for any New Blogger to know which plugins should be used for their blog. That’s why I’m going to tell you about some of the necessary plugins that you must use for your blog.

Best Plugins for your WordPress Blog:

Yoast SEO: If you talk about SEO for WordPress Blog, Yoast SEO is the most commonly used plugin in WordPress. Yoast SEO Plugin is available in both free and premium versions but you must first use Free Version only. For complete WordPress setup of Yoast SEO Plugin, You can watch this video:

Jetpack by This is official plugin of WordPress for your blog. With this plugin you can add Multiple Functionality to your blog such as Social Sharing Feature, Related Posts, Contact Form, Business Hours, Slideshow and Google Map Location. You must also use this plugin for your blog. For complete WordPress setup of JetPack WordPress Plugin, You can watch this video:

Akismet: This is also a default plugin for WordPress which is inbuilt with every WordPress installation. This is basically an anti-spam plugin that filters every comments coming to your blog according to Spam and Genuine. This is an important plugin for your blog’s security perspective.

W3 Total Cache: This plugin helps you to improve the performance of your blog. This reduces the loading time of your blog, so that your website or blog loads quickly. W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin is the best and popular caching plugin for WordPress. For complete WordPress setup of W3 Total Cache Plugin, You can watch this video:

Wordfence Security: If you are the owner of a blog or website then the security of your blog is a most important task for you. Wordfence Security Plugin is very effective in tackling a big problem like hacking your blog. This plugin is full of features like Firewall protection, live traffic monitoring, login security, blocking, malware scan etc. The use of this plugin is also most important for your blog. For complete WordPress setup of Wordfence Security Plugin, You can watch this video:

Post Conclusion:

Friends, you can create a Website on WordPress by following all the steps mentioned above. Hope you will be able to start your own blog very soon if you have read this complete article.

Well I have tried to explain in details all the steps mentioned above so that you do not have any kind of problem to Create a Website/Blog on WordPress, but still if you have any problem, then you can ask us through the Comment Box. Your every question is very important to us.

Thank you, Keep Reading & Learning

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