How to Hide Files and Folders on Android Without Any App?

Friends, if you have some personal photos, videos or some other documents in your mobile that you do not want to share with anyone, do not want to show to anyone. So normally we and most of the mobile users keep several types of Third Party Applications installed in their mobile with the help of user can hide any folder in mobile along with photo, video & document file very easily.

But friends, today we are going to tell you a unique way if you do this special trick in your mobile, you need not to install such third party applications to hide any folder in mobile & such things. Whether you have any smartphone this special trick works in every mobile.

So what else are we waiting for? Let’s move ahead and know how can you hide any folder in mobile, How can you hide any photo, video without any application?

How do I hide media files on Android?

How to Hide any folder in mobile without any app


  1. For this you first have to go to File Manager of your mobile. (image-1)
  2. In the file manager create a new folder. You can also create this folder in your phone’s internal storage or in any of the insert SD Card in mobile.
  3. Now you have to keep all the photos, videos or any of the important documents that you want to hide inside this folder.
  4. After placing them all inside this folder, you have to come out of this folder.
  5. Now just press this folder for a while. I mean you have to select this folder.
  6. After selecting the folder (image-2), just rename this folder. Only type a DOT (.) just Before the name that you have given to this folder before (with no spaces) then press OK/Rename.

For example, if you had previously given the name of this folder My Private Documents, then now you have to do it .My Private Documents

After rename the folder, that folder will be hide from that place. Now you can check by visiting your mobile gallery too. Any photo and videos you have placed inside that folder will not be visible to you in the gallery.

So in this way you can hide if you want to hide a video photo or an important document in your mobile. So with the help of this little trick you can do this very easily.

But now you have a question in your mind that if we want to see the folder that we have just hidden, how can we see it again? So let’s tell you the way to get it back again.

How to unhide media files on Android?


  1. What you have to do to get that folder back again.
  2. You have to go back to the file manager of your mobile.
  3. Now go to the settings of the file manager.
  4. After going into the settings of File Manager, here you can see an option called “Show Hidden Files” (image-3). You have to enable that option, after you enabling it, you have to run Back. The folder that you had rename will now appear here.
How to Hide any folder in mobile without any app


But still you will not see your photos and videos inside the folder in the gallery. Because you have not removed the Dot (.) That was typed before the name of that folder. If you want to see these photos again in the gallery, then you have to delete the Dot (.) Before the name of this folder. After that you will be able to see all the photos and videos that are kept inside your folder.

I hope now you understood that how to hide any folder in mobile without any application? The file manager will have this secret setting regardless of whether you have any mobile. You don’t need any external software/app to hide it from gallery or other-media applications.


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