What is Affiliate marketing and How to Make Money from Affiliate marketing?

Nowadays making money from internet has become the best extra income source because today internet runs in almost every Smartphone. You can also connect the internet to your computer or laptop from your smartphone. And with the help of Internet or doing smart work, you can earn enough money online at home. Only internet is the main source of the income for some people.

What is Affiliate marketing?
How to Male Money online from Affiliate Marketing Program?

However, there is a lot of resources available on the Internet to earn money online. So today we are going to tell you about such an extra Extra Income Source Platform. If we talk about the different kind of ways to make money online then Affiliate Marketing is one of the best online income source.

Affiliate Marketing is the best and the oldest way to earn money online. Let us explore in detail that What is Affiliate marketing and How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

Most of the websites on internet have their own affiliate program, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money in what you promote the products of any online shopping website on your blog or website.

For promoting the products, you post a link to that product with your affiliate link on your blog or on the website, and if anyone clicks on the affiliate link from your visitor who comes to your website, then he’ll go to the online shopping website & If he purchase something from that website, then you are commissioned by a few percentages according to the purchase. The income that you get from that commission is called the income from Affiliate Marketing

If you want to know the Affiliate Marketing Program in a very simply way, then let’s assume that you have a shop and you say to 10 peoples to increase your business, You say to them, if you bring customers to my shop and if the customers you have brought, buy some goods from my shop then we will give you a commission by 5%, 8% or anything pertaining according to their purchase. But Just keep coming to me as many customers as possible.

The Affiliate Marketing Program works exactly like this, where all online shopping websites on the Internet say that you join our Affiliate Program and promote our product on your blog or website. And if you have a customer on our website and makes some purchases, then according to the shopping, we will give you a commission of some percentage.

Some Important things about Affiliate Marketing:

1. What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

As I mentioned above, all online shopping websites have their own affiliate programs. Such as Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Snapdeal, A2hosting, Bluehost, MilesWeb etc. An affiliate program is run by these companies to promote their product or service. If you join their affiliate program then you are commissioned when someone do the shopping with the recommended link. This is called Affiliate Program.

2. Who is Affiliate?

Only people like us and those who promote online shopping companies by affiliate links on their websites or blogs are called Affiliates.

3. Affiliate Links?

When you join an affiliate program of a company, after joining, you are given a link from the company which allows you to promote any of the company’s products on your website or blog. The same link is called affiliate link.

4. Payment Mode

After earnings from Affiliate Marketing, the way online shopping companies are paying you are called payment modes.

5. Commission Percentage?

When you promote any company’s product on your website or blog through affiliate links, how much commission is given to you, it can vary for each product. All companies set the commission for each product accordingly. Which companies are doing more or less according to the time.

How can you earn money from affiliate marketing?

If you want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing, first of all, you must have a blog or website, a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. Only then can you promote any of the company’s products through your affiliate link. Making Money with Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as Google Adsense but this difficulty is nothing more than expecting Google AdSense from Affiliate Marketing.

If you do not have any website, blog or YouTube channel, then you can create a good Facebook page and promote the company’s product through your affiliate link because making a Facebook page is much easier than creating a website, blog and YouTube channel. A lot of people who earn money from Affiliate Marketing make a great deal with the help of just one Facebook page. You can also share affiliate links in your WhatsApp contacts or your WhatsApp group.

To earn from affiliate marketing, you need to take care of some important things.

You should keep in mind some important things for making money from Affiliate Marketing.

1. You must know your Niche or Field

If you want to start Affiliate Marketing and you have a blog or website, then it is very important to recognize the Niche or Field of your blog or website. The product of a company that you want to promote on your website or blog should be related to your blog or website.

I mean to say that if you run a blog or website related to the technology, and if you promote a Food Product or Health Product on it, that means if you put a link to a Food Product or Health Product on your website In that condition you will not get any more benefit.

You also have to be aware of that what kind of visitors visit to your website, and after that if you promote the products related to that website through your website or blog, The chances of it grow quite a lot.

2. Register only on the best affiliate program related to your website.

As I told you, Nowadays there is an affiliate program of all online shopping websites. So which of these Affiliate programs is the best affiliate program for you? It is also important to pay attention to this fact. You should join the affiliate program related to your blog or website.

Before joining any affiliate program, it is very important that you consider the following points.

  1. How much do people know about that website you want to join affiliate program? Because if you join an affiliate program of a website about which people do not know much then people feel uncomfortable to do the shopping on such a website.
  2. The kind of product you want to promote with your affiliate link on your website, blog or Facebook page, Does the website deal in those products or not?
  3. How much commission that Website is giving on the products what you want to promote? The products you are thinking about may be very low on that website. So in such way, you can Comparison of Commissions by visiting another website.
  4. Is that website reliable? Are those products available on that website quality product? It is very important to pay attention to all these things too.
  5. How much money you earn through your affiliate link & how will that money reach your account? Which means, what Payment Modes options does have on that website?

I hope, Now it’s clear for you that “What is Affiliate marketing and How to Make Money from Affiliate marketing?”. If you still have any Question, you can ask by commenting below. We’ll try to give your reply ASAP.