What is Domain Name? How many types of Domain? Full guide

What is Domain Name? If the Domain Name is explained in simple words, then the Domain Name is a type of address that lets you access any website with the help of an address. Domain Name is exactly the same place in the internet world as it is in your family.

What is Domain Name?
What is Domain Name?

If you have 6 members in your family then you know them all by different names. Just like there are thousands of millions of websites and blogs in the internet world, but each has a different address / name.

So internet is a whole family in one way, and all of these websites are similar to members of a family. The address of all these websites / blogs, which we reach them, is known only as the Domain Name.

As the BKN Solution website is a part of the Internet world, and its Domain Name is www.bknsolution.com. All of you can access BKN Solution through this address.

Now whether the website name of a website is exactly like its name or not, it also depends on whether it is available when you buy Domain Name or not because what Domain Name you want to buy for your website or blog, If anybody have already registered that Domain Name, then in that case you can not take that Domain Name and even you can not use it for your website. A Domain Name can be used for only one website.

Kinds of Domain Names (How many types of domains are?)

What is Domain Name? How many Types of Domain?
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If we talk about the types of Domain, then there are many types of Domain. Some of these Domains can be used freely, whereas on the other hand you have to pay for using some domains. But if you want to get success on your website or blog, then using a Paid Domain is the right decision because if you use a free domain, then the domain which is free in the search engine does not get much importance. Now the paid Domains are usually two types.

  1. (TLD) Top level domain
  2. (ccTLD) country code Top level domain

(TLD) What is a top level domain?

A Domain part that comes after the dot (.) Of any Domain Name is called Top Level Domain. You can also call it Domain Name extension. Top level domains are also given the highest importance in Google’s search engine, which plays an important role in the high ranking of any website. Each Domain ends with a Top Level Domain Name. For example: a .com with bknsolution.com is a Top Level Domain. Now a top level domain also has many types, for example: –

  • .com (Commercial)
  • .Net (Network)
  • .Gov (Government)
  • .Org (Organization)
  • .Info (Information)
  • .Edu (educational) etc.

(ccTLD) What is the Country Code Top Level Domain?

This type of domain is used if you want to make your website only a particular country specific . I mean to say that if you want more traffic on your website from any specific country, you can use Country Code Top Level Domain in this condition. like for example:-

  • .in (for India)
  • .us (for United State)
  • .br (for Brazil)
  • .au (for Australia)
  • .gb (for Great Britain) etc.

If this is based on your website (ccTLD) then anyone can see what country your website is for. If you want to use Free Domain, then it comes with some such extensions: –

  • .dot.tk
  • .co.cc
  • .cc.cz
  • .cu.cc
  • .biz.nf
  • .co.nr
  • .free.in etc.

Domain Name is also mainly divided into 4 parts which are as follows: –

What is Domain Name? How many Types of Domain?
image credits: firstsiteguide.com      Domain Name Parts
  • http: // (This is called prefix.)
  • www. (This is called a Sub Domain.)
  • bknsolution (this is the name.)
  • .com (This is Top Level Domain / extension.)

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I hope that you have got accurate information about Domain Name but if you still have some questions then you can ask us by writing your questions in the comment box below.

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