What is Musically (Tik-Tok)? Features & How to Record a Music video from Musically?

What is Musically (Tik-Tok)?
What is Musically (Tik-Tok)?

Friends, in today’s article we are going to talk a very fast growing social networking platform Musical.ly. What is Musically (Tik-Tok)? So far you have been through the Internet or by someone else about this application sure must have heard. Until recently, its name was Musical.ly, Which has been changed to Tik-Tok some time ago.

If you have not yet heard about this application and if you have heard a little bit but you do not know how to use this application & how it works, So in today’s article we are going to explain in detail about What is Musically (Tik-Tok)? How to Record a Music Video in Tik Tok?

What is Musically (Tik-Tok)?

Lets explore in details What is Musically (Tik-Tok)? What does this application, first understand about it? Musical.ly is a video sharing platform. Here you can share your videos, but the way of share videos is a bit different from the rest of the video sharing platform like YouTube, Facebook.

You can put all kinds of videos on YouTube and Facebook, Educational videos, comedy videos, you can put the complete Full Movie, But the Musically (Tik-Tok) is not the platform of such videos. You can put small videos on it like you post videos on Instagram.

It is a platform of complete entertainment videos in a manner. You get to see about 99% of the videos related to comedy and entertainment. It is not that if you have to learn something, you can learn by searching anything like this in YouTube, you can understand. With this, you can do your own entertainment only.

you can create dump videos like you would be running a movie dialog in your background and you would shake your face and talk to that dialog or any song back in the background.

It is ringing and you sing that song only by running the lip. In fact, it looks like you are saying that song in real, then almost musical.ly similarly The entertaining videos of this match are found on this platform.

But whatever you have to do, you can do it only within a small video. You can not make longer videos in it, like in Instagram, you can only add up to 1 minute of video, it works exactly the same way.

This company was started by two people named Alex Zhu, Luyu Yang in 2014. Musical.ly is an American video social network app for video creation and live broadcasting. It is Available in 29 languages & Its head office is located in California.

When it started in 2014, that time did not become so popular but ending in 2017, its popularity has increased day by day and is increasing. At present, it has more than 200 million users, of which approximately 50 million users are 21 years of age or less because the targeting category of this application is the highest for the youngster.

There are 50 million active users and more than 12 million Video Per Day uploads on this new Video sharing platform. Along with this, 70% of the female users use this application.

You can install it on your mobile or computer for free. Nowadays you will find a lot of videos made by Musical.ly on every social networking site like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

To make a video in musically, you get very good effects, through which you can create a quite impressive video. Through its live feature you can record live video and share them on social networking platform like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Best Features of Musically (Tik-Tok) App:

■ You can create an account by Instagram, Facebook, mobile number and email ID on Musically (Tik-Tok).

■ You can record only a short video on Musical.ly not longer video. you can share with the community created on Musically (Tik-Tok).

■ You can also edit the video by inbuilt video editing feature in Musically (Tik-Tok).

■ To edit the video, you get a lot of features in Musically (Tik-Tok), You can use emojis in your video, cut video, add two videos together.

■ You can add your favorite music or sound in your video for free. You get lots of music tracks inside its music library.

Musically (Tik-Tok) also has a video community like YouTube that you can upload videos on daily basis.

■ You can put Emoji, Sticker absolutely free in your video, it is not paid like Snapchat.

■ If you can singing, dancing, or doing sneaking to act, you can make the people crazy with your talent by creating related videos.

■ You can make your face look attractive in the video using features such as Face filter and Beauty Effects.

How to Record Music Videos from Musically?

1st: Install Musically (Tik-Tok): If you want to make a video by musically, you must first install this app in your mobile from the Play Store. You can install it for free. After installing, open it. As you can see in image-1 or 2.

What is Musically (Tik-Tok)
What is Musically (Tik-Tok)? Features and How to Record a Music video from Musically?

2nd: Register Yourself: Now you have to first create an account on Musically (Tik-Tok). To create an account,

  • click on the contact icon which is bottom right side of the screen.
  • You can create an account by Instagram, Facebook, Mobile Number and Email-ID.

3rd: Start Making Video: After creating the account on Musically (Tik-Tok) Now you are ready for making your 1st musically music video. As you can see in image-4.

  • You have to click on the ➕ icon in the Bottom Center. 
  • Clicking on the ➕ icon brings you to the Camera mode.
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4th: Select Music for your video: Now click on the option “Pick a Sound” at the top center. After clicking, the Music Menu comes in front of you. As you can see in image-5 or 6 above

5th: Whatever music you want to put in your video, you can choose from Tik-Tok’s built-in library. As you can see in image-7.

  • Click on Song to view preview. 
  • After clicking, the song is played with the option of “Shoot with this sound”
  • Now to select the song, click on “Shoot with this sound”.
What is Tik Tok?

6th: Select starting point of Selected Music: If you select any music, it is played by default at startup. But if you want to play music with any particular point.

  • Just click on the scissor ✂ shaped “Cut” icon.
  • Now scroll from left to right on the point you want to play music from.
  • After selecting the point, click on the  ✔  checkbox. 

7th: Focus on Subject: Now you are ready to make your 1st video by Tik-Tok (Musically).

  • Just focus your mobile camera screen to the subject what you want to Record. 

8th: Start & Pause recording:  Now Press and hold the red video camera circle button at the bottom of the screen for as long as you want to Record the video. As you can see in image-10 above.

  • If you want to pause the video just Release the red button & video will be pause. 
  • Click again on video camera circle to Resume the recording.

9th: Set Timer & Record continuously: If you want to Record without pressing the video camera button continuously then you can do so.

  • Just tap the timer icon which is right side of the screen. 
  • Now select the duration when you want the recording to stop. 
  • Then tap start countdown in bottom of the screen. 
  • After that camera will count down from 3 then start recording until you reach the desired part of the audio.

10th: After completing the recording now you have to click on  ✔  red icon bottom right side of the screen to continue or you can Tap  ✖  icon if you want to discard this clip & want to re-shoot again. As you can see in image-11.

What is Musically (Tik-Tok)? Features & How to Record a Music video from Musically?

11th: Adding Effects: Now if you want to add effects onto your video then you can click the desired icon for adding the effects. After than just click on Next button bottom right side of the screen. As you can see in image-12 above.

12th: Add Title or #hashtags: Here you can put the title of the video, you can use #hashtags with the title or can add your friends by typing @friendname. After doing this you have reached the final stage of publishing your 1st video on Tik-Tok (Musically). Just click on Post button to publish the video. As you can see in image-13 above.

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